Looking for online employment?

Online employment can represent an excellent opportunity to earn a little extra cash in your spare time. Many people also make a full time career out of working online.

However, if you're just starting out in the world of working from home, these tips and advice may come in useful...

How to find online employment

  • An obvious place to start your search for online employment is, well, online. Major job search websites often carry ads for online job opportunities and work from home vacancies. Try Job is Job for starters - it aggregates job vacancies found on other websites to give you a fairly comprehensive list of openings that are relevant to your search term.
  • Gumtree is a great source of information for online employment vacancies, particularly if you are interested in more casual or part time roles. Gumtree is an old favourite of freelancers, who can pick up projects and assignments with ease once they have established a decent portfolio.
  • Have you considered taking your current job online? Many UK companies offer work from home schemes that could see you performing your existing roles and duties from home. Ask your HR department if such a scheme exists.
  • There's nothing to stop you posting your own ad in the "Work Wanted" section of a website or classifieds. Describe the kind of services that you offer and the amount you charge for them. In fact, you could go one step further and set up your own website detailing your services, prices and links and examples of your work.

And remember...

Don't expect to get rich quick with online employment. Many people spend several years working part time before they make the transition to full time online employment. You need a little patience in order to start making decent money and a reliable income: over time you'll build up an impressive portfolio and contact list.

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