Are you looking for NHS voluntary work?

Have you always wanted to work in healthcare but your career has taken you down a different path? Even if you only have a few hours to spare in the evenings, there are plenty of NHS voluntary work opportunities available to people who are looking to donate their time. In this blog, we check out the best places for you to check out to find one of these voluntary opportunities.

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK, but even their regular workforce can't sustain the amount of work that needs to be done, hence the massive need for volunteer staff. The NHS recognises the need for volunteer workers, and they have a huge section on their site dedicated exclusively to volunteering, which you can find at nhs.uk/Livewell/NHS60/Pages/Volunteering.aspx.

Once you click on this site you will see that the NHS has over 100 different roles open to volunteers in the UK, ranging from simple meeting and greeting of patients to holding hands with patients who are undergoing operations that only require local anaesthetic. Surprisingly up to 40% of the volunteers in the NHS are themselves patients, so volunteering is open to anybody who wishes to do it.

To see exactly what opportunities are open at any time, then check out the volunteer application site at nhsjobs.com/volunteer/entry/index.html. Here you can express your interest in the various positions available, and email the NHS Trusts directly who are offering the roles. It is well worth checking out for anyone who is eager to make a difference with their free time.

Even if you are an aspiring medical student, then why not use your free time to volunteer and see if it is for you? It could be a brilliant way to find out whether or not you are cut out for a career in medical care!

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