Check out these possible July summer job in Bangor NI

Are you someone who is looking for summer employment? Could you use some extra spending money? Do you live in Bangor N.I? If you answered yes to these questions, then look no further. We are going to be taking a look at some of the many possible July summer job Bangor NI.

Some great places that you can look into are your local supermarkets and shopping centres. Not only do they offer flexible hours, they also have a variety of positions that you can apply to in which you can earn between £5.50 to £6.10 per hour of your time.

Supermarkets are a good place to start your your summer employment search. They have lots of different job opportunities, each with varying contact with food. You could work in the bakery making baked goods, or you could by stocking shelves and the produce section with food. As well, you could always be a cashier helping people complete their grocery shopping experience by helping them bag their groceries. If you are interested in looking to your local supermarket, here are some we think you may want to try:

Iceland Foods40 Bingham StreetBangor028 9145 9499

Tesco StoresUnit 1, Bloomfield Shopping CentreBangor0845 677 9103

But what if the supermarket isn't really where you see yourself working? We recommend you try looking into stores that are in your local shopping centre. They have a variety of stores, each selling a particular product, whether it be fashion, music or even electronics. We are sure that you will find something you will enjoy here. A great local shopping centre in Bangor is the Bloomfield Shopping Centre. They have stores like Boots, O2, Claire's Accessories and Pandora.

Bloomfield Shopping CentreBangor028 9127 0797

Now that you know where to apply, take a look at your CV. Does it need to be updated? Or do you need to actually make one? Whatever the case, we suggest you take a look at www.cvwriting.net. This site has a wealth of information that will help get your resume in tip-top shape.

Good luck and we hope you are able to fine a July summer job in Bangor NI

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