If you're looking for jobs in Sunderland then this guide should help

With the global recession still very much affecting the day to day business of the vast majority of companies in the United Kingdom job hunters are still having quite a tough time of it as they search for a way back into the work force. Given the tough times that we are currently experiencing, it can often be beneficial to adopt the attitude that you're going to take whatever you can find simply to ensure that you are back earning money as quickly as possible.

This might not seem ideal to many of you, especially if your last job was a particularly high paying one in a very specialised industry, but it's something that is essential to accept if you want a speedy resolution to your search for jobs in Sunderland. Not only will this approach get you back working quickly, but it'll also mean that you avoid building up long gaps in your employment history - something which could scupper your chances of getting back into your preferred sector when things improve in the next few years.

So in order to find jobs in Sunderland, we recommend you put your pride aside and follow the simple steps in this guide. Firstly, you'll need to identify the main areas of employment in the area. These are usually clerical jobs for the most part, which can earn you between £6.40 and £8.20 per hour depending on the company you are working for, and retail jobs, earning between £5.93 and £6.30 per hour.

To find these positions, we recommend canvassing businesses in person with your CV. It might seem an oldschool approach, but you'd be surprised how successful it can be if you have a little luck on your side.

When it comes to finding clerical positions, we recommend you take a lok at the following areas;

  • North East Business & Innovation Centre, Enterprise Park East, Wearfield
  • Alexandra Business Park, Riverside
  • St. Thomas Street Office Centre, St. Thomas StreetNorth Sands Business Centre, Liberty Way

And for those of you searching for retail work, you're likely to find your best chances of employment here;

  • Tesco, 80 The Bridges
  • Iceland, 6 The Bridges
  • Asda, Leechmere Road Industrial Estate
  • Sainsburys, 110 Station Road


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