Let us help you in your search for jobs in Bolton

These days you won't find too many people who get excited about the prospect of a job search. Even when the economy was enjoying better times we still seemed to shy away from the drawn out process, despite the fact that we had it relatively easily compared to the state of the job market today.

With an ever increasing number of people losing their jobs, the market is getting more and more cramped with each passing day, and that means that the time required in order to search for work successfully is going through the roof. Fortunately it doesn't need to be quite as bad as the media are making out, and by changing your approach you should be able to speed the whole process up quite a bit.

When looking for jobs in Bolton, we recommend you avoid the internet job sites altogether. They have been a valuable resource for years but things have a reached a point where there is just so much competition for vacancies online right now that it's essentially pointless to waste your time.

If you really want to speed up your job search you need to take a look at recruitment agencies. These companies have fantastic ties in all the industries in Bolton and their years of experience means that they place the right person in the right job time and time again.

With so many recruitment agencies to choose from it can sometimes be tough to know exactly where to look. Fortunately we have compiled a list of some of the best below, so that you can really speed up your search for jobs in Bolton;

  • Forrest Recruitment, 25 Bradshawgate
  • Staff UK, 23 Bark Street East
  • Good People Services, Bolton Business Centre, 44-45 Lower Bridgeman Street
  • Adecco, 22 Churchgate
  • The Best Connection, 27 Bradshawgate


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