The pros and cons of international jobs

The lure of international jobs can sometimes seem irresistible - especially in the difficult economic times that the UK is facing right now. The promise of higher wages, better opportunities and sunnier climes may seem ideal. However, before you make the life changing decision to seek employment abroad, it's important that you thoroughly weigh up both the pros and cons of working overseas.

The advantages of international jobs

  • As already alluded to, international jobs can offer better opportunities than the jobs you will find in the UK. If, for example, you are an engineer, you will be more likely to receive an excellent salary and a range of opportunities in Australia or Canada.
  • In an age of cheap travel and increased connectivity between places, emigration doesn't have to be permanent. If you change your mind or only want to go abroad for a year or two, it's perfectly normal to return home.
  • The UK has a relatively low quality of life compared to other developed nations. By going abroad for work, you can not only improve your employment prospects but other aspects of your life too.
  • Not all countries suffered as much as the UK during the global economic downturn. Some countries still have strong economies and strong opportunities.
  • International work experience can look good on a CV.

The disadvantages of international jobs

  • Moving abroad can be lonely and isolating. Many people feel homesick and many return home after a short period of time.
  • It can be difficult and expensive to obtain the right working visa. As well as your visa, there is a lot of other things to organise, including finding somewhere to live, opening a bank account, arranging health insurance, booking flights, shipping your belongings etc.
  • At the minute, the British pound is relatively weak. You may lose much of your savings by transferring them abroad.

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