How to find international employment

Do you feel like your search for jobs in the United Kingdom is going nowhere fast? Then why not explore the possibilities offered by international employment?

Working overseas not only opens doors to a range of professional vacancies that you might not have found elsewhere, it can also open doors to a whole new lifestyle.

How to find international employment opportunities

  • Identify which visa you may qualify for. There's no point in hankering after international employment in the USA and then realising that you don't qualify for a work permit. Research where you can go, what restrictions are placed on you and any actions you have to take to qualify. Bear in mind that some working visa applications can cost thousands of pounds.
  • Consider using an international recruitment agency. These are agencies that specifically cater to individuals looking for employment overseas. They will be able to offer you top tips and advice on securing a job in the country of your choice.
  • Check out the country's largest recruitment sites for a good overview of the type of jobs available and the type of salaries to expect. This will help you to focus your job search and identify cities or regions with the most opportunities.
  • Use any contacts you may have in the country. They may be able to offer advice on where to find jobs, plus practical concerns like opening a bank account or finding accommodation.
  • Wait until your visa is granted before you start applying for jobs. If you apply before your visa comes through, you could irritate the employer by wasting their time.

Feeling homesick?

While there are many reasons to go overseas to find work, many people turn down international employment opportunities because they are afraid that they will be homesick.

There are a number of ways to counteract homesickness, but two of the most successful are setting up regular Skype calls with your friends/family, and booking a flight home at Christmas time.

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