How to use Indeed recruitment services

Indeed recruitment (indeed.co.uk) is the world's largest job site attracting over 50 million users, making over a billion job searches every month. The site is available in more than 50 countries, with job ads in 26 languages.

Sheer size makes Indeed an invaluable job search resource. Its range of vacancies and job opportunities across a wide spectrum of professions make it an obvious bookmark for any job hunter.

They have a basic search function which distils down to what and where. So you key in, for example, sales manager and Edinburgh, and the database will offer you the closest matches, in terms of relevant jobs in and around Edinburgh (the site picks up vacancies within a 25 mile radius).

You can refine your searches, adding more description to the job category for instance, putting in elements such as sales and marketing manager, or broadening the location parameters.

One particularly helpful feature of the Indeed site is the salary estimator. As only around 20% of the jobs offer salary information, when no salary is provided Indeed gives an indication of what to expect by suggesting figures estimated from similar positions. These are strictly for guidance and should not be taken as exact indications of what the job pays.

Register at Indeed using the my.indeed account facility. This allows you to save your job searches and results, and to look for suitable new vacancies from within your account. Click for Job Alerts to be emailed to you, whenever a suitable vacancy appears on the site. If you aren't getting your Alert emails, check the spam or junk folders, just in case they were caught by mistake.

Note that Indeed recruitment collates its information from a number of sources and websites and has no direct connection or contact information for the companies that appear on its job searches.

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