We take a look at some of the event jobs that are available in the UK right now

These days there are more and more people turning their attention to potential jobs working in the events sector. Due to the popularity of these event jobs, it can often be quite difficult to find them. However we are here to offer you plenty of great advice on the best practices of finding positions that will suit your needs.

There are many different kinds of work available within the events sector, ranging from security to catering to administration to public facing positions such as cashier or customer service. We are going to take a look at some of the major ones here today.

We'll start by examining what you need to work in event security jobs. Like the rest of the security sector, everyone working in security within the events industry will need to hold a valid SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. These licenses are issued by the government to prospective workers in the security industry. If you want to work in a public facing position, you'll need a front line security license, while those of you planning to work behind the scenes will need a non front line license. You can find out more about SIA licensing at sia.homeoffice.gov.uk. Security operatives at events can expect to earn between £7.50 and £10.30 per hour depending on the position they hold and their previous experience.

If you are more interested in working in catering, then it is possible for you to get your foot in the door of events catering without having any previous experience. The kinds of catering jobs available within the events industry can vary wildly, ranging from chip vans to full on meals. Similarly, the wages on offer can vary dramatically, from £5.93 per hour for entry level positions at take away wagons to as much £15.00 per hour for experienced chefs. Obviously the wages will also depend on the kind of event.

Finally, the most common position at events is the role of cashier or customer service operative. These positions require no previous experience, however a friendly outgoing personality is definitely an asset since you'll be working with the public every day. These positions tend to pay between £5.93 and £6.10 per hour.

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