Are cabin crew jobs right for you?

For many people, cabin crew jobs represent a world of glamour and adventure. There's a very romantic notion about the freedom and free travel that comes with being an air steward or stewardess. In reality, the job can be much more mundane, especially when you are first starting out. Here are some things to consider to help you assess whether cabin crew jobs could be right for you...

Menial tasks

If you don't have any cabin crew experience, you can expect to start out at the bottom rung of the ladder. This means that you probably won't be pouring champagne in first class as you jet off to the Far East. You're much more likely to be selling scratch cards on a budget flight to Belfast.

The customer's always right

Just like any other customer service position, you are likely to come across your fair share of rude or demanding customers. Common peeves for airline staff are passengers that don't watch the safety demonstration, passengers that keep their mobiles on even if they are requested to turn them off, passengers who think that they are entitled to a free upgrade and drunk passengers. Could you maintain your patience and professionalism when dealing with these people?

Things that go bump on the flight

When flying in UK air space, turbulence isn't usually severe. If you're going further afield, you might experience rougher journeys. Cabin crew are expected to maintain their service and supervise passengers during these times (making sure they are seated with their safety belts fastened). If you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should consider a different career path.

What down time?

Unfortunately, it's not likely that you'll get to see much of your destination. Working patterns usually consist of "sectors" which will see you move from point A to B to C to A again.

If you could cope with this fast paced working environment, plus the other situations mentioned, then congratulations - cabin crew jobs could be an ideal match for you!

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