Age Concern voluntary jobs

Beginning in 1940 as the Old People's Welfare Committee, Age Concern adopted its familiar name under the chairmanship of David Hobman in 1971. In recent years, Age Concern merged with Help the Aged, to form a new charity known as Age UK. The merger helped both charities increase and expand their volunteering opportunities and the range of services they provide to elderly citizens in need.

Volunteering in Age Concern shops

Age Concern has many jobs for volunteers able to commute to one of the 470 Age UK charity shops located all around the country. They estimate that they currently employ more than 7,200 volunteers in various roles across all of these locations. If you are unaware where your nearest store is, call 0800 169 8787 and express your interest.

Here is a small selection of the types of things you could do as a volunteer worker - although this list is nowhere near comprehensive:

  • Administrative: help keep track of the finances and paperwork of the company.
  • Driving: help collecting goods and donations from various addresses.
  • Marketing: help designing and producing leaflets and posters to advertise the shop.
  • Media: managing and pricing your local shop's collection of DVDs, CDs, games and records.
  • Sales: working on the shop floor advising and helping customers.
  • Stockroom: sorting all of the new stock, hanging, steaming, sizing, pricing and ticketing goods as required.

Volunteering with Age Concern in your community

For those who have the time, there are lots of opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of elderly people in your area. Age Concern provides volunteer jobs ranging from a simple Befriender (a volunteer who provides company for someone who lives alone) to a Gardener or a Driver.

Physically fit volunteers might be interested in becoming Activity Buddies, helping somebody on their road to becoming more active, while volunteers with some experience on counselling or social work might consider specialising as a Bereavement and Loss Visitor, helping to ease the suffering of someone who has recently lost someone dear.

For more information about any of the roles discussed in this article, take a look at the "Get Involved" section at AgeUK.org.uk.

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