5 low cost business ideas

When it comes to 5 low cost business ideas, many people have dreamt of escaping the treadmill and setting up their own business.There are certainly benefits in terms of becoming your own boss and setting your own targets. But it’s important to appreciate that you have to work hard if you want to have any chance of succeeding

Businesses that can be started at low cost

When considering 5 low cost business ideas it’s important to appreciate that not everyone is suited to this type of endeavour. There are never guaranteed returns, especially in the early stages. Nevertheless, if you do success the rewards are great.

1. Catering.

Food and drink are universally popular. If you enjoy preparing food, then why not branch out and do it on a larger scale? You’ll need a licence – contact your local authorities to find out more. People are always looking for outside caterers, so if you can provide decent food at reasonable prices, your business will flourish.

2. Book-keeping

Small businesses and individuals preparing tax returns will always be on the lookout for competitive accountants or tax specialists. The overheads are minimal and there will never be any danger of the market running dry.


Tuition is definitely a worthwhile low cost business. All you need is the knowledge and the enthusiasm, then you can begin advertising your skills. You don’t just have to tutor younger students, as there are always adults looking for extra tuition. Whatever your specialism – English, Maths, Science, IT, Music or whatever – passing it on to clients can be immensely rewarding.

4. Childcare

If youenjoy being in the company of children, this is another low cost and potentially rewarding business possibility. Provided you are fully certified and disclosed, you can work out hours to suit your own circumstances. And there will never be a shortage of subjects.

5. E-commerce

Provided you have a computer with good internet access, there are any number of businesses you could set-up from home. You could begin with opening up your own virtual stores on eBay.

Aspects to pay attention to with a small business

Just because you are working for yourself is no reason to relax doing any of the 5 low cost business ideas. If anything you are even more tied to long hours as you have a lot more to lose if your business idea underperforms.Working from home you should ideally set aside an office area, partitioning youfrom the rest of the household.

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