2015 holidays in the UK

In the UK, full time workers are guaranteed a minimum of 28 days paid leave. Firms are allowed to count the year’s bank holidays as part of that leave so they often do. In 2015, those with the UK minimum amount of paid days off will get 20 days to do with as they wish and 8 bank holidays that stretch out across the year. The dates for these 2015 holidays in the UK are set out below so you can plan your breaks to make the most of your leave.
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England and Wales

Works in England and Wales get the same amount of days off and the same dates. The first bank holiday for 2015 falls on New Year’s Day. The first long weekend of the year comes over the Easter break beginning on Good Friday on April 3 and ending with Easter Monday on April 6. The May Day bank holiday on the first Monday in May is the next bank holiday. That’s on May 4. At the end of the month on May 25, the spring bank holiday provides another long weekend. There’s a long wait of nearly 2 months before we get our next public holiday on Monday August 31. The summer bank holiday is the last day off before Christmas Day, which falls on a Friday in 2015. As Boxing Day is on a Saturday, Monday December 28 is a public holiday.


In addition to the 8 days that workers in England and Wales enjoy each year, workers in Scotland also enjoy an extra day. The timing of the public holidays also differs. There are two bank holidays in January for those who work in Scotland: New Year’s Day and also January 2. The April 3 Good Friday holiday is the same in Scotland, but the weekend break doesn’t include the Easter Monday. The May 4 and May 25 breaks are the same, but the summer bank holiday falls on August 3. Of course, Christmas Day and the Boxing Day substitute remain the same.

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