2012 Olympic construction jobs

Construction for the 2012 Olympic Games has created many jobs for people looking to be part of this great project. It's not just the showcase stadiums and sporting arenas that need building either. Major construction jobs and civil engineering jobs in areas like infrastructure and regeneration all need to be completed in time for the opening ceremony, too.

The Games have already opened doors for many jobseekers - an amazing 10% of the current Olympic workforce was previously unemployed. With so many exciting construction and civil engineering jobs to be filled, they are now playing a key role in creating what will be one of the biggest spectacles on earth.

Many of the industry's biggest names are at the forefront of this recruitment drive. While trying to fill a whole scope of construction jobs in London is no small order, with schemes like the National Skills Academy for Construction (in partnership with the Olympic Delivery Authority) underway, it's looking more likely than ever. The Government-funded programme offers work-based training for people going into construction jobs and civil engineering jobs.

Whatever your qualifications, skill level or expertise, it's clear there are plenty of construction jobs and civil engineering jobs out there for everyone. Plus, with £9.3 billion of the Olympic budget allocated purely to construction jobs, transport and regeneration, the wages can be pretty attractive, too.

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