Opportunites for a 17 Year old to get a job abroad

One of the best experiences teenagers can have is travelling and educating themselves in another country. Another experience that is often overlooked is the opportunity to work in another country. Many people know adults who get jobs abroad. So can a 17 year old get a job abroad?

Working abroad allows people to appreciate cultural norms, diversity and teaches an individual to communicate with others that may be different from them. This is an invaluable experience for teenagers.

Orange Picking: Florida

Miami is one destination that is a great place to travel to and work any time during the year. It's possible for a 17 year old to get a job abroad as an orange picker. Two companies that hire talent overseas are Deshield Groves and Winton Farms Corporation. United Kingdom teenagers who are travelling abroad would need a H1B working visa to enter the United States. Working in an orange grove involves working long hours, ability to carry and lift at least 20 pounds and ability to stand for long hours. Salary for orange pickers range from £5 per hour to £10 per hour.

Skiing Instructors: Canada

Canada is a popular destination for travel and work. There are opportunities available for a 17 year old to get a job in Canada as a ski instructor. Teens in the United Kingdom can apply for a working holiday visa to travel to and work in Canada. The country has many ski resorts that are looking to hire teenagers during the winter season. Resorts that hire teenagers from overseas include Apex Mountain, Fernie Alpine Resort and Big White Ski Resort. Salary ranges for ski instructor are from £8 per hour to £15 per hour. Duties of ski instructors include assisting customers up and down the slopes, teaching members how to ski and providing safety trainings. Teenagers interested in becoming a ski instructor abroad should have good communication skills, ability to teach and of course, ability to ski.

Tour Guides: Australia

Australia is one of the largest tourism destinations in the world. There are a variety of tourism jobs available for teens that are travelling and seek to work abroad. Candidates interested in these positions would need a working holiday visa to secure a position. Pay ranges from £5 per hour to £10 per hour. Duties include knowing the tour route and detailed information about the tour. Tour guides must have great communication skills. Companies such as Globus, Intrepid Travel and STA Travel are some of the companies that offer employment opportunities for 17 year olds.


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