10 most common mistakes in a job interview

Job interviews are nerve wracking experiences for even the most seasoned of jobseeker so learning from other’s mistakes can take the edge off. If you can avoid repeating the following errors, you stand a better chance of success.

Not taking it seriously enough

A common mistake that jobseekers make is to not take the interview seriously enough. Another related problem comes when the interviewee doesn’t dress appropriately for the interview. Your manner and appearance are read and given more value by the interviewer than your words.

Too modest

The third and fourth mistakes that people make concern a lack of desire. Not showing that you’re the very best choice for the role is a common mistake. Make sure you’re familiar with the job description so you can illustrate your experience and strengths. The fourth mistake is to be too modest. You need to talk yourself up, although avoid being boastful.

Talking too much

The fifth and sixth mistakes in our list include talking too much. Over talking in your interview leaves the interviewer no chance to speak. You should also be careful not to focus on the wages. If you’re focus is on the money, you’ll be making the sixth mistake that interviewees commonly make.


You need to be armed with questions. If you’re not, the interview will fall flat. You’ll be making the interviewer do too much of the work. Another mistake that people make when interviewing is to bad mouth their current or former employers. Don’t say anything negative. If you need to speak about your reasons for leaving previous employers, says that you needed to move on or focus on the opportunities offered by other potential employers.


Our final two points concern your attitude and approach. If you show a lack of enthusiasm, you won’t be picked for the job. No one wants to work with someone who’d rather be somewhere else. The final mistake that most people make is to not follow up with the employer. Sending a handwritten note or a polite Email shows that you have enthusiasm for the role.

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